Pakistan NGO Launches Comedy Show Mid House Cafe To Raise Awareness About Police Torture

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Short Film Mid House Cafe for Anti-Torture Bill: An organization in Pakistan has come up with a very unique way of conveying the need of Anti-Torture Bill to the general public. The name of this organization is Justice Project Pakistan (JPP). This is an NGO of Pakistan, which works to provide justice to the prisoners. This organization has made a short film to explain the importance of the Anti-Atrocities Bill, which is very funny as well as attached to emotions.

This short film about the Anti-Atrocities Bill has been aired on Sunday. In this show, an attempt has been made to highlight the anti-atrocities bill reflecting the political party environment and the media. In this short film, during the discussion on the news channel, the discussion between the political party and the experts on passing the law regarding the anti-torture bill is shown. Which has also been given the form of entertainment.

Apart from this, in this short film, during the discussion on tea between politicians, the media is shown talking about sensationalism to his own behavior. The characters are fictitious but the political spectrum and the news media landscape are well depicted,

Its characters not only remind you of real politicians but are also seen playing their characters well. In the film, the discussion of politicians sitting in a cafe in protest against the anti-atrocities bill has also been made quite entertaining. Overall, in this short film, depicting the political environment, an effort has been made to explain the need for an anti-atrocities bill through Mid House Cafe. This short film is getting a lot of headlines.

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