Azam Khan Reaction After The Defeat In Rampur By-election Said Get A Fair Election Conducted If I Lose I Will Leave Politics Forever will leave politics



After the result of the by-election, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said in a meeting with the workers at the party office that do not lose courage, this defeat is not our victory. Azam Khan also challenged that to conduct fair elections in the open field, if we lose then we will leave the field of politics forever.

Azam Khan said that elections will come and go, Asim Raja was such a candidate, we have faced the situation. The results did not go in our favor, it does not mean that people are not with us.

Taking a jibe at the police, he said that for the last several years, by setting up fake cases targeting Rampur, by destroying the Mali, political, Akhlaki and socially, it is very disappointing for his satisfaction. There is despair because this treatment of our own compatriots in our own mother country. After independence, the number of people who did not go there after the formation of Pakistan is more, but the atrocities against them are equally high.

Said in a poetic style that we have given many installments of the country, but, why not pay a country loan. Further said that some international organization should come and take the responsibility of conducting elections. The world’s most powerful army should come and conduct elections. We give an open challenge that if elections are held in the open field, if we lose, we will leave the field of politics forever.

Azam Khan said that we are happy on defeat, you are not happy with victory, because we know you know how to win. If the excesses in voting had happened elsewhere, revolution would have come. We are a fan of revolution but from the path of democracy, decency and humanity.

Had I known, I would not have fielded the candidate.

In an interview given to a channel after the election results, Azam Khan said that if we had known that this would happen, we would not have fielded our candidate in the by-election and would have given a walkover, but perhaps there was a mistake in taking the decision, the fault is ours.

Salute to the courage and courage of the voters for whatever vote the SP has got, he said. Said that they did not get happiness by defeating me, who got happiness by defeating the system. He has defeated the shamelessness, helplessness, poverty of Rampur.



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