Upasana Singh Exclusive Interview With Amar Ujala Actress To Direct A Film Starring Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu Opposite His Son

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In Hindi films, when the hero enters the screen for the first time in a film, special dialogues, special sequences and even special background music are made for him, when it comes to heroines, such scenes are rarely noticed. Yes, actress Upasana Singh is an exception to this. His dialogue “Born from the devil, brought up in the dark, says everyone is a black angel” till now people remember a lot. Born on 29 June 1975 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Upasana Singh does not celebrate her birthday since the death of her mother. These days she is busy preparing to launch her son with last year’s Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu and is going to direct the film herself. An exclusive interview of ‘Amar Ujala’ with Upasana Singh on the eve of her birthday.

Selling everything Mother bought a house in Mumbai

Upasana Singh says, ‘Father Mahendra Singh had a spare parts business in Hoshiarpur and mother Santosh Singh used to work. I am from a Sikh family, so the rest of the family were against my coming into acting. At that time my mother and my sister supported me. My mother was educated. He said that I believe in my children. My mother supported me a lot. By selling all the jewelery he had received in marriage and the car he had bought, he bought a house in Andheri for me in Mumbai with one room kitchen and said that now you should do the work in which your heart feels. ‘

Sister’s sacrifice too, blessings too

Apart from her mother, Upasana also got the support and blessings of her sister. She says, ‘My sister Nirupama Singh was a lecturer in those days at the Government College, Hoshiarpur. I was never out alone. So my sister left her job with me. who does that. My sister tried hard to get her transferred from Punjab to Mumbai but it didn’t happen. My sister and mother are making a huge sacrifice in taking me forward.

Lady Amitabh got the award

Upasana Singh says, ‘If seen, I have got the most titles in the film world. When I did the Rajasthani film ‘Bai Chali Sasariye’, people started calling me Meena Kumari of Rajasthan. Then when I started doing action films, people started calling me Lady Amitabh Bachchan. When I started doing comedy, people called her comedy queen. I am the title that has been received from my fans in the industry.

too many dialogue hits

‘I consider myself very lucky in this matter. My dialogue ‘Abba Dabba Jabba’ from ‘Judaai’ became a hit. Then played the role of Gangutai in the film ‘My Friend Ganesha’, then his dialogue ‘Oich To Boli Main’ became a huge hit. After that I did a serial Sonpari, in which I played the character of the black fairy Crowella. Its dialogue “Born from the devil, grew up in the dark, says all mujhko kali pari” was a huge hit. The dialogue of Kapil Sharma’s show ‘Kaun Hai Yeh Aadmi’ was quite a hit. Becoming Kapil’s aunt in this show was also very memorable.



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